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Symfony community in Lithuania

We are Symfony2 framework pioneers in Lithuania, we use this framework everyday since Symfony2 RC1 was released. We’ve experienced every bump in Symfony2 development road, had tough times while rewriting our code after major Symfony2 changes in the core before it was released as a stable version.
This project was born when we decided to share our experience. And what can be better than hands-on trainings for inexperienced people? We believe in Symfony2 and the future of PHP, and we want to spread our enthusiasm!

Vilnius PHP

PHP community based in Vilnius. We gather on the first Thursday of every month to share the experiences and discuss about the best and the worst practices. Estina's team have been the core organizers of every “Vilnius PHP” meetup until now and we’re not going to give up this initiative for upcoming years. We are happy to see how valuable these meetups are for developers and how it helps them to grow as professionals.

No Trolls Allowed

The first open-air hacker camp in Lithuania. 200+ geeks leave their comfort zones to live for a couple of days and nights in a dangerous wilderness without the Internet. The concept of this event was created by @Pawka and @Kuusas and the whole Estina team, which contributed immensely to make it all happen.